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The growing expatriate population in the GCC - particularly UAE, a steady surge in tourists, the need for GCC countries to pay companies for daily consumables and the phenomena of globalization [UN figures project 2.2 million people moving overseas annually till 2050 to earn their livelihood], are all powerful drivers that have helped the remittance industry witness a double digit growth figures. Not surprisingly, a window of opportunity has been seen – resulting in the setting up of Lulu International Exchange. Our primary commitment is to provide trusted and reliable services to people across the globe by offering them the latest advancements in the world of fund transfer. To help achieve this goal, the company’s Technology Team has been tasked with keeping itself abreast of the latest industry advancement. With a commitment to responsible corporate governance, the company aims to be the most preferred destination for retail financial services. A strategic partnership with Western Union will further help the company establish operations easily in numerous countries worldwide. By using the latest web technologies and off-shoring task to minimize “people” cost, making use of excess space available in current business premises of the Group and by leveraging in-house management and IT skills – apart from benefiting from the powerful Lulu brand - Lulu International Exchange is all set to make its mark in the industry. LULU Exchange will also enter into primary gold business wherever the regulation permits.

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